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Leading well

Paige’s leadership experience is broad and deep. She’s been there and seen it done well and not so well. Paige believes that better leadership is available to everyone and its essence lies in the ‘stuff’ that we do every day. 

So, what’s your leadership ‘stuff’ and how can you make it better?

Paige unpacks how to develop your positive leadership and the impact it has on team, culture, performance and life. Drawing from theory, evidence and her own leadership experience, Paige provides practical choices for you to make starting today. 

So that wherever you are in the organization structure, you can move beyond surviving, to thriving through leadership.

Doing well

Carrots & sticks just don’t cut it in today’s modern workplace.

Better performance lies in connecting people to a larger purpose, tapping into their internal motivation and giving them room to take risks and learn.

Paige knows that helping people to thrive is the key to unlocking passion, potential and performance in the workplace.

Using evidence from leadership, positive psychology and business, Paige makes a compelling case to change your recipe for performance improvement from carrots and sticks to wellbeing and motivation.

Whether it’s your own performance, your team’s or your whole organization, this talk will provide you with a new perspective on how to choose better for better performance.

Changing well

In more than fifteen years as a senior executive working in a range of industries, Paige has too often seen the impact of change not done well.

Goals not reached, people disengaged and culture damaged beyond repair. Too often change is seen as complex and hard.

Paige believes there’s a better way to do change.

Drawing from the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience and her own research, Paige explains how transformational change can be simple and straightforward, and the answer lies in the questions we ask every day.

Want to transform your own life, the way your team works or your whole organization? Then this is the talk for you.

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