These are typically delivered as 90-minute individual workshops but can be combined to create half or full day programs. They can also be delivered across a 6-week program with an additional final workshop to create a strategy for change – Positive Change Strategy.

Feeling Well and Doing Well at Work

The Secret to Elevating Performance

Wellbeing is the secret weapon to elevate performance at work. In fact, researchers have found that happy employees are more engaged and productive, generate more sales and satisfied customers, and are less likely to burn out or leave. But how can you cultivate wellbeing – in your work, in your team and in your organization? 

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the tested roadmap to wellbeing
  • Explore practical strategies to feel well and do well at work
  • Learn how to create a work environment in which others to feel well, do well and consistently perform at their best.

Leading Well

Bringing Out the Best in You and Others

It starts with you. The beliefs, mindsets, and habits you model as a leader directly impact business profitability, team performance, and personal wellbeing. So, what kind of leader will you be?

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover the five, tested steps to become a positive leader, full of confidence, energy, and passion.
  • Learn practical strategies for reducing stress in your team, building motivation, engagement and trust.
  • Create a culture that empowers, supports and feeds high performance.

Working Well

Putting Your Strengths to Work

Research shows that only two out of every ten people are able to use their strengths and do what they do best at work. This costs businesses over an hour in lost productivity every single day. What a waste! How can we can reclaim this wasted human capacity and potential? By focusing on strengths.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to discover and practically apply your strengths at work,
  • Learn how to spot strengths in others and give strengths-based feedback.
  • Discover a “strength generating” habit you can use to create a high-impact jolt of joy, engagement, productivity.

Bouncing Back and Beyond

Dealing with Change and Uncertainty

Change and uncertainty are a constant in life, especially in the workplace. How can we move beyond just enduring this to bouncing back and beyond? The secret lies in your mindset and resilience.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how your mindset to stress is your biggest enemy and your mindset to learning your greatest friend.
  • Explore how to develop four key resilience skills to deal with challenges day to day and some tips and tricks to develop ‘real time resilience’ in the moment.
  • Create your own ‘positivity playbox’ to slow down stress and manage anxiety. 

Generating Positive Change

Questions and their Consequences

The questions we ask are fateful. They direct our attention, our conversations, our energy and the actions we take. Having the right question can unleash powerful possibility and change in your work, your team, your organisation, and beyond. What questions are you asking?

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the power of questions on the brain
  • Discover four questions from Appreciative Inquiry that you can use to ignite lasting change
  • Practice using the questions to create positive change in your own life


Generating Positive Change

Appreciative Inquiry Summit

Paige loves to work with teams to help create a vision that pulls them towards the future with optimism and energy. A shared realistic imagining of success that generates hope, motivation and action.

Using the Appreciative Inquiry methodology, Paige will help you:

  • Understand the fateful nature of the questions you ask
  • Discover the best of the past to uncover root causes of success
  • Dream forward and imagine these factors alive and fully functioning now
  • Design strategic pathways to get from here to there
  • Deliver commitment and actions to start making progress
  • Deploy support in the wider group to sustain momentum

Positive Change Strategy

Designing Sustainable Change that Sticks

Paige is passionate about generating effective strategy to create sustainable change that sticks. She knows that bringing people together costs time and money so ensures these sessions are effective, purposeful and build relationships in the process.

Using the change model she developed for her PhD research, Paige will help you:

  • Surface your assumptions and analyse your context
  • Identify change goals
  • Create your ’pathway of change’
  • Identify the interventions that will create the desired change outcomes.
  • Plan and phase implementation


Pick-My-Brain One-Off Sessions

Paige is often asked by potential clients if they can ‘pick her brains’ on how to deal with a specific leadership challenge or change strategy opportunity. She’s realised that these people don’t need a full coaching program, but could do with an injection of perspective, advice or expertise to help their thinking. As a result, she offers limited 1-1 ‘Pick Paige’s Brains’ sessions for clients who want a one-off ‘booster’ session.

You might need some guidance on things like:

  • How to prepare for a tricky leadership situation or a challenging individual
  • How to start creating a wellbeing culture in your team, business unit or organisation
  • How to create effective and clear change strategy

Sessions are available over the phone, Zoom or face to face in Melbourne, Australia.

Please contact Paige to find out which mentoring package is best for your needs.



Paige is a certified Gallup Clifton Strengths coach and enjoys working one-to-one with leaders to craft an individualised development plan that will elevate their leadership to the next level. She has a range of coaching packages available.

Please contact Paige to find out which coaching package is best for your needs.

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