How I can help you

Using the science of wellbeing to create positive sustainable change that drives strategic business performance.

I work with organization leaders to create tailored positive change programs that address strategic goals, drive individual, team, and organization performance and build wellbeing along the way.

What’s the positive possibility you are dreaming of?

Maybe it’s doubling the performance of your team or department. Perhaps it’s having a high-quality relationship with your boss or your partner. Maybe you can see that your whole organization needs a positive shift in mindset or culture.

Or maybe it’s with you – the positive possibility in your leadership, your mindset, your relationships.

I know that each client has different dreams, different needs, and different goals. I take the time to understand these and help you uncover what’s keeping you stuck and get clear on the positive change need that, once addressed, will help you achieve the outcomes you are dreaming of.

Once there is clarity around the change need, I work with you to ensure the change is implemented in a way that builds wellbeing in you, your teams and your organization and meets strategic goals.

This includes developing:

  • change strategy and implementation plan
  • Measurement programs to evaluate progress
  • Executive coaching and
  • The facilitation of learning and development initiatives

I will help you get clarity around your change needs.

We will work together to understand the choices you have available to create positive change.

Then you can take purposeful action to achieve your strategic goals, whilst building wellbeing along the way.

Making that positive possibility real requires clarity, strategy and action.

I can help you with that – are you ready to make it happen?

  1. Understand the change need
  2. Identify the change choices available
  3. Take purposeful action with performance impact

Paige’s clients include:

Paige Williams, PhD clients include: Adroit Insurance Group, City of Ballarat, Committee for Geelong, Geelong Grammar School, Centre for Workplace Leadership, Magistrates' Court of Victoria, St John of God Hospital Frankston, Specsavers and TAC.

“Paige helps us work on the culture of our business using a strengths based approach. She has helped us develop new ways to have the necessary, but sometimes difficult conversations, which has made a significant difference to the business performance in a number of our branches.

Our staff feel confident to use new strategies to approach challenges and enjoy work more. This in turn helps them achieve better performance outcomes.

Feedback from our staff about the work Paige does is always positive; she is engaging, funny and translates complex ideas into language that everyone can understand. Our staff come away knowing what to do with what they’ve learnt.”

Mara McDonald, Learning and Development Manager

Adroit Insurance Group

“Paige has been instrumental in assisting us to develop a strategic framework and evidence based practice for our community leadership development approach. She has helped us to create and realise a compelling forward strategy. By building relationships and trust and taking time to understand our organization, Paige uses her expertise and experience to support us to move in new directions and expand our influence and impact.

Paige helps us see the vision of our potential, opportunity and impact, and encourages us to expand our ideas and horizons. Through our work with Paige, we have developed a strategic offering that is unique in the market, will help to attract ongoing funding support and develop impactful community leadership capacity in the future.”

Rosemary White, Operations Manager

Committee for Geelong

“Paige helped my team re-connect and re-imagine the purpose, impact and importance of our work. By challenging our self-concept and surfacing our underlying beliefs, we came away with broader horizons, a re-ignited passion and a clear pathway to move forward.”

John Butler, Manager Learning and Development

Transport Accident Commission

Choose better leadership, performance, change.