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Paige Williams PhD is passionate about leveraging leadership to elevate performance and create purposeful positive impact.

It’s that simple.

Because Paige knows that when we leverage the energy, attitude and mindset of leaders, they elevate performance – of themselves and others – in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable and meets the demands of work and life now and in the future.

Through her client work, personal leadership experience and PhD research Paige understands that leadership is critical in shaping culture, behaviours and outcomes in organisations. Leaders with personal energy, positive attitudes and a purposeful mindset create conditions that elevate – themselves, the people they lead and the outcomes they achieve.

Using her own Leveraged Leadership model based on positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership and the high-performance literature, Paige creates practical, realistic pathways to leverage leadership throughout organisations, elevate performance and create purposeful positive impact. 


My clients:

Paige Williams, PhD clients include: Adroit Insurance Group, City of Ballarat, Committee for Geelong, Geelong Grammar School, Centre for Workplace Leadership, Magistrates' Court of Victoria, St John of God Hospital Frankston, Specsavers and TAC.

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Leveraging Leadership for purposeful positive impact.